Welcome to the Home Page of the Lapinel  Arts Business activity. We share responsibilities, assist each other in our activities and learn and grow in this manner.

Cathy Lapinel is a leather worker. Cathy carves, stamps and designs leather goods such as (but not limited to), dog collars, leashes, belts, belt pouches purse and other various goods. Cathy has a booth from April through December at the Boise Downtown Capital City Market. You can also purchase her leather goods at "Indie Made", an artist coop also located in the heart of downtown Boise. Cathy's leatherwork business is also on Facebook at Lapinelarts Leatherwork:


Cathy is also a fine art painter. Her primary interests are large canvas oil still life but with a unique perspective. Cathy has also done knitting of highly unique and popular scarves, hats and felted bags.

Cathy is well known to the Boise market having sold leather goods, scarves and bags that reside throughout the US and in Europe. While Cathy has sold her work locally, this web page will extend the opportunity for others not traveling through Boise to appreciate her remarkable talent.

I am Dean, Cathy's husband.
I have repaired antique clocks for over thirty years and follow the guidelines of the British and American standards of museum quality restoration. I have been a member of the NAWCC since the 1980's. I am now restoring limited types of vintage watches.

As you will see when the links are up, I design and create fine furniture with the same mindset I have developed in quality craftsmanship through the patient use of hand tools. Challenge me with a design or a copy of a museum piece, you won't be disappointed. As I also collect antique woodworking tools I will often sell items to purchase other items for my collection. these will be posted as I finish these pages.

I paint with oils as well. Portraits are done with a lead based primer on the finest linen. For portraiture I prefer the look of the old masters over a more contemporary style. Landscapes, whimsical work and abstract art in the style of Kandinsky and the Blue Riders are works that I enjoy. I will post some on the site and make them available for purchase from time to time.

Photography has been another lifelong passion and profession. I do enjoy the creativity involved with atypical portraiture using a B&W Medium format camera in my studio and a digital camera outdoors.

I write often and I have put a collection of stories together that chronicle (loosely) my career in Emergency Medicine.

Sweet & Sour

An ER Doc’s Secret Journey

 This was a fun project as I selected events that influenced me and helped me grow and learn about our fragile and precious lives. The stories vary from unbelievable (things you never knew your Doctor does or says about you), to humorous, to uplifting but naturally I had to be honest and sprinkle in the reality of sadness and death within this framework. While there have been many Medical books written none have taken this approach to revealing the field of medicine in such an intimate manner.

I will offer some samples of these writings while I prepare for the deluge of mailings I will need to initiate while seeking an agent.

I also have another work in progress titled "Curiosity". This manuscript offers a guideline for enriching your life and achieving happiness.

Well...Welcome to our home page. Enjoy the images, the stories and feel free to write us with any questions you have.

Dean Lapinel, MD

Contact address: Dean@lapinelarts.com

Updated 2014