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This is a Pendule d’officier with a full height of 5 1/2 (miniature style). Time only. Made in France.

This clock is not running and needs repairs to the platform. This is made in the style of the early carriage clocks from the previous century. This one was made in the late 1800's.

Legend has it that Napoleon almost missed a battle because one of his officers was late. From then on, he demanded that each of them have a travel or carriage clock in their trunk – hence the French name “pendule d’officier.” The Age of Enlightenment brought with it a fashion of travelling for leisure and to enhance one’s cultural knowledge. In England for example, it became customary for the “gentry” to do the “Grand Tour’, a journey across the continent towards Italy. This vogue for travel led to an increasing number of carriage clocks.

Price $3,000 as is, Restoration for an additional fee.

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