As a right brained and curious physician I didn’t quite fit the mold for what a physician is supposed to be. I dabble in stuff that, as I have been repeatedly told, is not professional enough in appearance for a doctor. Good grief!

My curiosity extends into the arts in general but writing has become a habit and an extension of who I am. I tend to write about humorous events, emotional situations and even editorial type controversy. I write a lot, probably as a substitute for brain draining plain ol’ thinking. Perhaps due to some unnamed genetic flaw, I tend to humor in otherwise typical life events. I see stories everywhere I go just as I see photos that could have been and just as I see colors in tree bark that I could use for a future painting. I tend to think in an odd way but when you’ve been me all your life you get used to that.

With this “odd” perspective, I have written about my journey through the training and practice of Emergency Medicine; a very traditional field but with much of the unusual and unexpected. Instead of a straight timeline and autobiographic approach, I simply wrote stories that, in combination, are revealing of the way learning and practicing medicine really happens. These stories are funny (at least to me), odd, and sometimes sad or thought provoking. Many of these topics reveal a world that is usually not known to the general public. The health care professionals will be shown to be cold hearted, egocentric, incompetent, hateful, and self sacrificing, compassionate, highly skilled and loving.

Some of this stuff is so nasty I can’t wait to tell you folks about it!
Pick up the book…laugh, cry, reflect and recognize yourself in a similar situation.
This writing is provocative but it is done with honesty so I am sure some of the insights that you get from reading this will come in handy.
While I think the message is important and though my journey was painfully rewarding, the book is still basically fun, revealing and entertaining.