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I am looking to expand my collection.

In particular I would like any high grade European or American Clocks or watches.


Particular interests are:

Carriage clocks-Grande or Petite Sonnerie on bells

English bracket clocks with bell stike or fine movement ornamentation

Weight driven clocks with high grade movements (maintaining power, deadbeat escapements).

Vintage Omega, Zenith, Rolex.

Wrist alarms

Pocket repeaters

Musical clocks or watches

Topping tool or any old watch clock making tools

* Important- Looking for a Grandfather clock- strikes Westminster on gongs and Whittington on bells

Seth Thomas Sonora clocks (bells)


I will also purchase whole collections within the USA. Bidding for an entire collection will be personalized and efficient in timing. Transportaion/packing is of my concern only. All you need to do is invite me to bid on your collection. If you select my bid, the rest is easy.